четвртак, 17. август 2017.

Sammydress Summer 2017 Promotion

I love earnings and gold is very popular this seasons. This earnings are so nice and looks so wird, but great. What do you think? You can find this one HERE. On SammyDress web site you can find so many beatiful skirt, and I am gonna show you this red, and you can check it HERE.

 Also, you need to know you can use coupon: SammyDressChein, there will have 3 Big Coupons 10 and 20% OFF. Also, you can use code SammydressIns

Rosegal Summer 2017 Promotions

Rosegal is one of my favourite online websites, there are so many clothes, bags, shoes, EVERYTHNG. I choose one necklase to show you, and you can find this one HERE. If you read my blog posts, you know that I am in love with bags! This is the pure love! The black  bag I always need, so this is my choice for today and you can check it HERE.

 Also, you need to know you can use coupon: RosegalChein, there will have 3 Big Coupons 10 and 20% OFF. Also, you can use code RosegalIns

Zaful Summer 2017 Promotion

Hi dear, I found some really interesting bags on Zaful online web site. The first one you can check HERE, and the second one HERE. I really like bags from this online web sites, and I have some of them and I am really satisfied. Also, you need to know you can use coupon: ZafulChein, there will have 3 Big Coupons 10 and 20% OFF. Also, you can use code ZafulIns

среда, 16. август 2017.

Backless Crop top

Backless crop top

On Rosegal website you can find some white crop tops which I really like. This, you can find HERE and this one you can wear with some denim jacket, I think that will look great. You can add and some necklasse with this combo. White is my color, defenitly! You can wear this color with everything and there are no mistake. What is your favourite color? 

I recomend you to watch some jewerly on this web site. You can find everything! This season gold is very popular, so you can wear it with white or black clothes. If you buy something here, let me know! 

And this one you can wear with some black blazer and you can add red lipstick. Tle lace is atractive all the time, so pick one, trust me! You can find this one HERE. Also on this web site you can find some other intresting things, so you have to check it! I always buy some new bag, they have a lot of bags I really like. Hope that you can find some for you!

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit! 

Back to school

Hello my dear, it's time to strat with 'Back to school' posts here. Today I am going to show you this beautiful jaket from Rosegal online web site. It's so nice and comfortable. You can find this jacket HERE , also you have free shipping on Zaful web site and you can check it HERE!

Zdravo svima, vreme je da se pocne sa 'Back to school' postovima. Danas vam predstavljam ovu divnu jaknicu sa Rosegal sajta. Izgleda veoma lepo i veoma je udobna. Takodje, mozete je pronaci OVDE, i a da vas obavestim da imate besplatan siping na Zaful sajtu, pogledajte OVDE

 From Aug 8 ~ Aug 22 ( Zaful 16 days free shipping from now) Please enter from this website to get the items: http://www.zaful.com/promotion-back-to-school-edit-special-752/?lkid=118898

уторак, 15. август 2017.

Velvet Bodysuit

Few weeks ago you can see this photos on my Instagram.So today, I decide to share with you one blog post cause I really like this photos. The velvet is so popular this summer and I like it a lot, but I think that this material makes that you look thicker, that's just opinion.

Pre nekoliko nedelja ste mogli videti neke od ovih fotki na mom Instagramu, i posto su mi se fotke zaista dopale, resila sam da ih podelim ovde sa vama. Plis je veoma popularan i jako mi se dopada, medjutim cini mi se da u njemu izgledate deblje nego sto jeste, sta mislite vi?

Bodysuit: HERE, Zaful